Improving lives with environmentally friendly energy

What we do?

Through internal and external distribution channels, with management based on information and communication technologies, we educate communities about modern technologies, and about the problem of climate change, we offer various environmentally sustainable lighting and income generation products to rural and urban communities in the country, in a Pay-As-You-Go model, in partnership with specialised Mobile Wallet companies, with a view to improving the quality of life of Mozambicans and financial inclusion, especially for young people, girls and people with disabilities, and who constitute an underprivileged stratum.


We deliver products safely to customers' homes through our transport fleet and distribution points, or through our partners throughout the country. This distribution and customer relationship management is ensured through modern digital platforms.


We have several highly trained and specialized installation teams at our customers' disposal. We also have a customer service hotline for ordering and managing any concerns our customers may have.


URANUS SOLAR's main concern is not only to sell, but also to build long lasting relationships with its customers. Therefore, in order to complete the entire customer relationship chain, URANUS SOLAR, in addition to bilateral contacts, has a free customer service hotline available to its customers 24/7.


URANUS SOLAR offers diverse lighting and generation products, ranging from domestic lighting and off-grid income generation systems, public lighting systems, entertainment systems, among others. The range of products supplied by URANUS SOLAR includes, but is not limited to, various lighting lamps, lanterns, radios, televisions of various sizes, irrigation systems, water pumps, among others.

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WOWsolar 100

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