About us


A Mozambican company that operates in the field of supply and installation of Solar Home Systems.

Who we are

URANUS SOLAR is the result of a deep knowledge of the problem of access to electricity and financial inclusion in Mozambique, which led to the identification of strategic partners with a long track record in the business of providing certified solar systems and income generation products, all environmentally sustainable, in various parts of the world, from countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. In order to contribute to greater financial inclusion in Mozambique, URANUS SOLAR favours the use of mobile wallet technologies as the main means of payment for its products by the communities.


To improve the quality of life and leverage the income of rural communities in Mozambique, leading to long-term progress by educating about the importance of using modern communication technologies and the mobile payment wallet, combined with the need to protect the environment against climate change.

Goals and Objectives

URANUS SOLAR, Improving Lives with Environmentally Friendly Energy


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