The range of products supplied by URANUS SOLAR, LDA includes, solar lanterns and smartphones, radios, TV sets, 300, 600 and 800 home systems equipped with USB ports for charging phones, tube lights, pocket lights, among others.

BRIGHT SunBell Smart

SunBell Smart is a multi-award winning solar lamp that provides light and phone charging and its smart design gives you endless opportunities.

BRIGHT Move Smart

BRIGHT Move Smart is the best travel companion with its elegant design and high capacity. Move Smart is an award-winning and unique solar lamp and phone charger that covers your everyday needs.

BRIGHT Start Plus

Start Plus is a sunlight that covers most of your lighting needs, packaged in a smart size that can easily fit in your pocket. Its portability and low weight make it easy to carry.

BRIGHT SunTurtle

SunTurtle is an award-winning solar lamp that covers all basic light needs and can transform any standard plastic bottle into a lamp holder. It is small and easy to carry and even easier to use

BRIGHT Home 58

BRIGHT Home is our brand new home system that comes in two versions. The two versions 29Wh and 58Wh where the only difference is the size of the battery.

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