Move Smart

BRIGHT Move Smart

BRIGHT Move Smart is the best travel companion with its elegant design and high capacity. Move Smart is an award-winning and unique solar lamp and phone charger that covers your everyday needs.

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - The Move Smart-01

What does Move Smart offer?

BRIGHT Move Smart is a compact and portable solar lamp and charger that people need every day for light. It can be used as portable light, ceiling light, wall light and reading light, and is designed with an integrated solar panel, BRIGHT Move is an easy to use lamp, all in one.

Move Smart - 01 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

1. On the go

Move Smart- 02 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

2. At home

Move Smart- 03 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

3. To read

Move Smart- 04 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

4. To socialise

During the day, thanks to its high efficiency solar panel, BRIGHT Move is charged quickly and can provide excess power for telephone charging. BRIGHT Move comes in two versions, BRIGHT Move and BRIGHT Move Smart, the only difference being the battery capacity. Its pocket size makes it the most efficient solar lamp with the size/function ratio on the market.

Luz Features
Battery type
Battery size
9.6 Wh
Battery life span
5-7 anos (2,000 ciclos de carga)
USB/wall charging
Phone charging
Brightness (lumen) at max
Light color
5,500 – 6,00 kelvin
Solar panel type
Integrated monocrystalline
Solar panel size
Solar panel cable length
2 Years
Light modes/ settings
Low - Medium - High - Emergency
160+ hours - 40+ hours - 10+ hours