Start Plus

BRIGHT Start Plus

Start Plus is a sunlight that covers most of your lighting needs, packaged in a smart size that can easily fit in your pocket. Its portability and low weight make it easy to carry.

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - Start Plus-05

What does Start Plus offer?

Its portability and low weight make it easy to carry and the metal bracket included allows you to optimize both loading and lighting.

BRIGHT Start Plus can also be charged with electricity via the included USB port.

Different ways to use BRIGHT Start:

Start Plus - 01 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

1. At home

Start Plus - 02 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

2. On the go

Start Plus - 03 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

3. Emergency light

With BRIGHT Start you get up to 75 hours of a single charge in the lowest light mode, providing you with all the light you need
em marcha.

Luz Features
Battery type
Battery size
1.6 Wh
Battery life span
3 years (1,000 load cycles)
USB/wall charging
Phone charging
Brightness (lumen) at max
Light color
5,500–6,000 Kelvin
Solar panel type
Integrated monocrystalline
Solar panel size
0.45 Wp
Solar panel cable length
2 Years
Light modes/ settings
Low - Medium - High - Emergency
75 h - 15 h - 5 h