SunBell Smart

BRIGHT SunBell Smart

SunBell Smart is a multi-award winning solar lamp that provides light and phone charging and its smart design gives you endless opportunities.

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - The SunBell-03

Light and battery unit

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - The SunBell-012

Solar panel

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - The SunBell-013

3 meter retractable cable

What does SunBell offer?

It offers 8 key functions in one product, making it the highest performance and multifunctional product in its class. It can offer functions such as: hanging light, flexible torch, emergency strobe light, hands-free light, torch, telephone charger and reading light.

SunBell Smart-01 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

1. Hanging light

SunBell Smart-02 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

2. Flexible torch

SunBell Smart-03 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

3. Task light

SunBell Smart-04 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

4. Emergency strobe light

SunBell Smart-05 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

5. Hands free light

SunBell Smart-06 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

6. Lantern

SunBell Smart-07 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

7. Phone charger

SunBell Smart-08 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

8. Reading light

SunBell Smart adds new features and additional battery capacity to SunBell's award-winning all-in-one. Evoking interest and emotional appeal, creating a "wow" factor with its users, SunBell Smart is a high quality, weatherproof lamp with over 7 hours of light at full power on a single charge. It has an integrated USB charger that can be used to charge most smart phones.

A solar lamp and high capacity cell phone charger that covers all the needs of a home. In addition to being used as a traditional flashlight, a focused ceiling light or as an ambient light, it provides a high quality reading light, hands-free light or a torch. Its ability to charge cell phones is increased due to its high capacity battery.

Luz Features
Battery type
Battery size
7.5 Wh
Battery life span
4+ years (1,500 charge cycles)
USB/wall charging
Phone charging
Brightness (lumen) at max
Light color
5,500 – 6,00 kelvin
Solar panel type
Solar panel size
Solar panel cable length
2 Years
Light modes/ settings
Low - Medium - High - Emergency
120+ hours - 30+ hours - 7+ hours