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BRIGHT SunTurtle

SunTurtle is an award-winning solar lamp that covers all basic light needs and can transform any standard plastic bottle into a lamp holder. It is small and easy to carry and even easier to use

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - SunTurtle - 08

What does SunTurtle offer?

SunTurtle offers more than 80 hours of light in the lower scenario (1.5 lumen). That's enough light hours to read 2,800 pages, or on average 35 pages/h, easily providing enough light to read J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings twice! With maximum light (30 lumen), it will last up to 6 hours.

SunTurtle - 01 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

1. Wall light

SunTurtle - 02 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

2. Reading light

SunTurtle - 03 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

3. Hanging light

SunTurtle - 04 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

4. Task light

SunTurtle - 05 - URANUS SOLAR, LDA

5. Easy charge

A small and intelligent solar lamp that covers all the basic needs of light. It is all integrated into the solar panel, making it easy to use and adaptable to everyday situations.

URANUS SOLAR, LDA - SunTurtle - 06

By mounting the FlexFoot, SunTurtle can be used as a reading light, ceiling light or wall mounted light. SunTurtle is the perfect portable solar lamp, easy to bring and attach anywhere.

Luz Features
Battery type
Battery size
1.6 Wh
Battery life span
3 years (1,000 load cycles)
USB/wall charging
Phone charging
Brightness (lumen) at max
Light color
5,500 – 6,00 kelvin
Solar panel type
Integrated monocrystalline
Solar panel size
0.40 Wp
Solar panel cable length
2 Years
Light modes/ settings
Low - Medium - High - Emergency
80+ hours - 15+ hours - 6+ hours